10. Player A composes 12 chapters, and Player B 12 chapters. One chapter is composed by both players together, making the total of 25 chapters

11. To start with, Player A composes the odd-numbered chapters, and Player B the even-numbered ones. Therefore, Player A writes the first chapter, Player B the second, and so on, with each writer looking after alternate chapters until chapter 12 is reached. Chapter 13 (the central episode) is composed by both writers working together. After this, the two players reverse the order in which they write the chapters. Now, Player A composes the even-numbered chapters starting with chapter 14, and Player B the odd-numbered ones beginning with chapter 15, and so on until the twenty-fifth chapter is reached. This means that Player A starts the work, Player B finishes it, and the central chapter is jointly composed. This structure gives a balanced, symmetrical pattern to the overall work.

12. Individual chapters may be up to three pages in length.

13. A period of seven days is allowed for the creation and transmission of each chapter.

14. Chapters are exchanged without comment, and without judgement being passed. This is to allow a more spontaneous expression.

15. The central square is the fulcrum of the whole structure, the place where many stories meet and pass through each other. The writers will take into account the importance of this square when they jointly compose chapter 13.

16. Each chapter is an entity in itself, in the sense that it should work as a stand-alone piece.

17. At the same time, the writers are sensitive to any overall narrative elements that the process brings into existence. As the work progresses, this narrative should be attended to, according to the individual desires of each writer.

18. After the last chapter has been transmitted, the players jointly edit the finished chapters. When this final editing process has taken place, the game is complete.


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& Steve Beard

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Hayley Ann

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